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see: Obone

A regular occurrence in the office environment: whereby male members of the workplace become hooked to the underside of their desks by an involuntary erection, leaving them in a precarious situation and unable to walk around the office freely.

The Obone Layer refers to the stretched material covering the protruding tip of the penis, and is a barrier between the obone and the office atmosphere.

A useful tip is to trap the head of the penis under the buckle of ones belt, thus reducing the effect of the oboner.
Guy A: "Had the best day at work today"
Guy B: "Oh Really?!"
Guy A: "Yeah, I had this crazy obone, and Melanie leaned over to get a stapler off my desk. She definitely touched the Obone Layer!"
Guy B: "Omg, I'm well jelly!"
Guy A: "Yeah, I was well moist."
by Aemsk May 25, 2011
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