(N.) Teenage females who obsess too much about The OC, which is an extremly phony, unbelievably false reality of a Teen Drama. (You'd think it'd be on The WB, but it aint.) OC fanatics have all and every merchandising product released for that show and they go on AOL.com every night after it airs to talk to other OC fanatics about how much that night's episode was "Hella Cool."
My little sister Tammy is an OC Fanatic. She even gave up her old favorite show, "Angel", for this ridiculous junk. (not that that show was any better) They're all obsessed about A show that hasn't even been on for a whole season yet and has about as much believability to it than the sentence, "Ja Rule is a talented music artist and probably, one of the world's most influential and greatest rappers to ever exist."
by G-Union October 30, 2003
Top Definition
Someone has the love of the show, The O.C. Yeh they may be a little obsessive but it's just a show and it really doesn't matter if you have a love of it or not.
I know many older people who watch the show too, so it isn't just for kids, and certainly not just for girls!
Also it has a lot of important issues brought up too!
^ that's all i have to say right now
by Summer January 01, 2005
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