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1. When somebody who has no taste for rap music, such as a mother or priest thinks that they hear the word "nigga" or "niggaz" or any other profanity while the line is actually clean.

2. When a white kid thinks he is allowed to use the word "nigga" because he listens to rap music
Ex #1
Nas: Don't hate me, hate the money I see, clothes that I buy
Ice that I wear, clothes that I try, close your eyes
Picture me rollin, sixes, money foldin'.

Pope Benedict XVI: What the fuck is this shit? Turn this off that language is so foul and racist.

Person With a Taste for Rap Music: Hey there isn't even anything inapropriate in this part. Don't hate bro. You're blinded by The Nigga Effect.

Ex #2:
White Kid: Yo nigga give me a couple g'z of that good bud nigga.

Method Man: My father wrote "Roll of Thunder". My father survived the KKK. I don't need no god damn cracka up in hurr callin me a god damn nigga.
by El Sneakero September 01, 2011
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