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This is a complicated advance maneuver and should be left for those above the age of 35 to prevent injury.

Things you will need include a man from NH ( this is very specific due to their upbringing) now the preferred female partner should be a doe eyed cutie from the Midwest.

Now after a lengthy foreplay session that involves lobster rolls and cheese balls from the dairy state its works best to bend the female partner over a messy kitchen counter. With one leg up and her face squarely in the left over’s proceed to doggie style. Just before the NH male climaxes he should take his little finger and slip it into her demure little pink pucker and yell just as he cums “LIVE FREE OR DIE” !!!!!!!!!
He invited his sexy new female dentist back to the house to explain the New Hampshire Motto.
by Pink Parts inspector May 12, 2009

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