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A game where one person puts their hand on different parts of anothers persons body-starting at their head and moving down the rest of their body- asking "are you nervous". You stop when the other person says yes. If you get lucky they'll never get nervous and you'll have much more fun.
I played the nervous game with Sally and she never said yes. Eventually we were doin the horizontal tango.
by Marteel March 10, 2006
yay! the nervous game: either grab or "feel" the person. start from their legs to get intense, then work your way up. and always ask "are you nervous" to the person you are doing it to. the more they say 'no", keep movin up. the more giggles, the more nervous they get. they can go through several sensations during the nervous game XD wootdizzle.

kathleen flores made it up. =)
do you wanna play THE NERVOUS GAME?
<game starts>
i feel the thigh
"are you nervous"
i feel the side...
"are you nervous"
*giggles* yes!

hahah. its great.
by kafween November 21, 2007
A game where one person starts with their hand on your knee, then you keep moving up till the person slaps your hand away. if you get to the top of the thigh move to the inside of the leg.
jim played the nervous game with jill all night. untill he got lucky.
by ohnoshediinttt. October 06, 2009
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