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A musical-comedy-theatrical troupe that lasted through the 70s. The large group of weirdos and whack-jobs was fronted by Richard Elfman. The group appeared on "The Gong Show" in 1976 and won. In 1979, Richard turned the reins over to his younger brother Danny, who shortened the name and created the eight-man rock group Oingo Boingo. In 1980, the Mystic Knights were featured in, and performed the music for, Richard Elfman's "no-budget" musical comedy "Forbidden Zone."
The groups acts usually consisted of sight gags and eccentric costumes. The most notable was a giant dragon suit that appeared on "The Gong Show" and, during one of their shows, sprayed the audience with his fire-extinguisher penis. The group had only one release in the 70s by Penthouse Records (a division of the magazine) and is extremely hard to find; however videos and bootleg performances can be found online.
Appearing tonight on "The Gong Show"... The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo!
by Sylvestro September 06, 2007
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