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When a person is attractive as a whole, but has a few qualities that are unattractive. The Morgan Freeman Effect states that those unattractive qualities become just as attractive as the other qualities. It is called the Morgan Freeman Effect because when you look at Morgan Freeman, a semi-decent actor, with a more than amazing voice, you think everything about him is extremely fantastic. This happens because of the one quality he is famous for, his soothing, gentle, massaging voice. This makes the fact that he is an okay actor completely irrelevant, because he is fucking Morgan Freeman.
Guy- "Why do you think shes so hot??? She has such a huge nose!!"
Friend- "I don't know, I think its kinda cute."
Guy- "Ahhh! The Morgan Freeman Effect at its finest."
by Super713 February 12, 2013
The effect where, when reading a passage of text, the internal monologue is in Morgan Freeman's voice rather than your own.
"When I read the Ten Commandments, I totally get the Morgan Freeman Effect."
by anaphase January 09, 2015
The Morgan Freeman effect occurs when a God-like actor such as Morgan Freeman appears in an otherwise awful movie and makes it awesome just because he is in it.
The Morgan Freeman effect applies to actor such as Morgan Freeman, Ian Mckellan and Tom Hanks.
by ThatoneguycalledJoe December 27, 2012
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