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A tall asexual being who has blond big bigbirdish hair. He is a soon to be legeend on Layola campass as a freshman next fall. He lurks in the shadows stalking his prey of beutifull young women, and has a large asortment of weponry and medieval torture devices, see iron maiden. he also collects fossils, but these may actually be his victimes remains. The MoldMan is renown for doing what no one else will do, he is the extreme in all circumstances.
College guy one: Dude, what the hell happened last night, i heard like 15 ambulances came and like 3 12 y/o's lost their hymens?!
College guy two: Dude, it was The MoldMan!
College Guy One: No fukin way dude!
by Robert Sturtzen May 02, 2005
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