A scale derived by the English mathematician and theoretical physicist Professor Ginger Ninja, which allows students using a sheet of A4 graph paper with 1mm squares, herein called 'mervins', to plot awkward, or complex points on a graph that shows the effect of temperature on the resistance of a thermistor. There are five mervins to a 'brick' and two 'bricks' to a 'box'.

Thus, any whole integer is always four mervins away from its next or prior integer; provided that each box on the y-axis is the equivalent to 5kΩ.

Simple, really.
MiniFunk: Using The Mervin Scale, how would I plot 54?
Proffessor: 54, would be four mervins below 55!
Jam and MiniFunk: Indeed!
by MiniFunk February 01, 2011

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