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The Major is a psychopathic Nazi Cyborg from the Anime Hellsing, despite being a 'Nazi', he shows no symbols of being one aside from the obvious Swastika, and the intentional burning of a Swastika into London (Hellsing) using refitted V1 and V2 rockets. His personality is that of Hell personified, he loves war, he does not care if he wins or loses, he wishes to stir up as much chaos and destruction as he can before his army is stopped.

The Major commands an army of 1000 Nazi Vampires and leads the group known as 'Millennium', a reference to the thousand year Reich. He also owns three gigantic badass zeppelins.

Having someone compare you to this character is NOT a good thing.
If by the off-chance someone has compared you to this character, PLEASE, and I cannot stress this enough, get some help.

Guy one : "Bro, you are so much like The Major (Hellsing)."
Guy two : "Yeah, I know, I love destruction and chaos."
Girl one : "Get some help." *To guy one*
by The Major of Millennium August 30, 2013

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