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Founded in 2013 by an unknown person on the internet "The Lines Project" is for the people who has self-harmed or the people who support it. There are a few rules regarding this project, which I will get into after the steps of being apart of The Lines Project. You will need to draw 6 lines with Sharpie on your wrist (Different colours or the same) starting on December 15th - December 20th. The rules are simply- if you self-harm, are depressed, feeling down, then you will do this on your L E F T wrist. If you are supporting this cause, do it on your R I G H T wrist.

The lines stand for the millions of lives lost because of suicide. To spread this project around, go to your social network or send a picture to your friend using #thelinesproject or go to your school principle or council and ask to spread around.
Person 1: Are you going to be in the project?
Person 2: What project?
Person 1: The Lines Project! To help support suicide?
by Zreya December 03, 2013
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