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Where everything in the NBA revolves around "The King". He can be compared to a Black Hole, where nothing is able to escape the gravitational influence of LeBron James. His influence can be seen not only in free agency (where every team, organization, fan base, and player is waiting on his decision), but in the marketability, endorsements, TV shows (Entourage), and even the NBA Championship. People care more about where LeBron is, what he is doing, and where he plans to go more than who wins the NBA championship. Hence, the LeBron effect. He is bigger than the game.
Mike: "Dude, who do you think will win the NBA Championship in Game 7, Lakers or Celtics?"
Jason: "Who cares, I'm waiting to see LeBron's press conference in 20 minutes..."
Mike: "Ah, the LeBron effect..."
by J.D.L. May 27, 2010
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