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A really dope MC from the 90s. She was with Death Row and collabed with legends like Dre, Snoop, and Pac; know for extremely ill lyrics and a sick flow, when she's known at all. A truly great and underrated rapper. Her album
"Necessary Roughness" is a real classic.
me:Why the hell is there no definition for the Lady of Rage, and what the fuck is shopping cart rage??
random dude:Who?
me:You know, the legend from the 90's? Classic album necessary roughnesss? Collabed with Snoop and Pac?
random dude:You mean Wiz khalifa and Lil Wayne? cause they be gettin' bitches!
me:(turning off safety....BANGBANGBANG....BANG....)
Brian Williams:Tonight. A triple homicide and a sucide.... all at the hands of the same person....
by chronicallydope June 22, 2012
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