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The one and only gang in San Dimas California. Also known as whitey town. This be the most hard kore shit you'll ever find in San Dimas. Led by the infamous Papa Bear. Loved by the ladies and looked up to by all men. His laid back and fuck everything that comes my way attitude make him a fucking bad ass. Other members include Snuggglz, Izzy Kub, Big Smoky, Ranch Dip, Kaveman, Danny Boi, Dan The Man, Tommy Kid, Ralf the Plumber, Hocky Mom, Barby Doll, Kasper!, G -Dawg, Zaky, Wonder Toast, Wonder Titz, and Rall. If you see any of these guyz get the fuck out the way bitch!
Tim: Shit!!! I got fucked up by the Katapultz Man!

Jeff: Told you to get the fuck out the way man Papa Bearz on a Rampage.
by Gunz n toast Nig February 15, 2009

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