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When playing a videogame and someone begins to get aggravated and complain, this person's bitching will incite others to begin bitching and complaining as well and soon everyone will be complaining. People suffering from this usually complain about things related to online lag and people using very overpowered or cheap weapons/set-ups. Usually seen in videogames, the Kamal Effect has been seen within real-life situations.
-Example of a conversation that is affected by "The Kamal Effect", 'Player 1' is the first to complain and his/her bitching will lead other players to begin complaining about every little thing that they don't like.

"That's Bullshit! That shouldn't have killed me"- Player 1
Several seconds later...
"Oh my god! This is so stupid!"- Player 2
Soon after....
"AAAAAHHH!!!! What am I doing wrong!"- Player 3
"I can't play this game anymore it's too laggy"-Player 2
The bitching will continue after the match has ended and will still continue when the next match starts.

A conversation such as this would happen within 30 seconds with comments from multiple people every several seconds or all at once. Good examples of games that this is seen in, Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2, Halo 2, Halo 3, Battlefield 1943, Call of Duty: World at War

Treatments: Take a break from the game, Go to sleep, basically do anything that gets you away from what you're complaining about.

Cures: Put your mic on mute so no one can hear you bitching, break your mic, mute the person who started the complaining.

"The Kamal Effect" has been found to lead to conditions such as High Blood Pressure and other stress-related conditions.
by PregoPuncher November 28, 2009
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