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A fictional character who gets his fill out of degradation and humiliation, most of the time in regard to JD (Zach Braff). By the by the most hilarious character of all time and easily one of my favorites.
The Janitor (Scrubs)...

J.D.: Look uh... Janitor, I'm gonna be straight with you. I saw your penis and I noticed possible melanoma that you should really have checked out.

Janitor: When did you see my penis?

J.D.: Last night when you were showering.

Janitor: Where were you?

J.D.: I was outside in the bushes.

J.D.: Janitor makes confused, sighing noise Look, it was just a coincidence man. I mean, eh, if you had looked out the window you would've seen my penis.

Janitor: What? Why?

J.D.: Because I had it out while I was looking at yours.
by The Dung Beetle May 04, 2009

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