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A myspace whore, or person who has a lot of friends on myspace and parties with all of them. Enjoys crazy activities, and is mischievous. Typically referred to females, and not males. "the human robot" originated in 2008 as a name based on a girl on myspace who was a party person who loved having fun. her name was constantly changed between different periods of time for example "the human vibrator" and "the human tampon" but the name that stuck was "The Human Robot".
"that girl who just added me is such a party girl that her name should be the human robot."
by Yadirayuckytm March 07, 2010
girl who likes to drink and party and has a lot of friends on myspace, she meets all the people she parties with on myspace
shes the human robot of our school
by Randomstrangerman March 07, 2010
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