A rare species from Guatemala. There is only one in every country, but thousands of them in Guatemala. The Heeftee's tend to be a bit feisty, perhaps it is because they are often made fun of for not having eyebrows. This is true; they have NON-EYEBROWS. The Heeftee's are very rare because they hibernate........IN THE SUMMER! Also, The Heeftee's usually deny everything, and they are very self-conscious. They believe they are strong and powerful, when really they are as weak as the brain found inside of them, which is about the size of a peanut, but not even a good peanut; it's one of the ugly peanuts that people usually just throw away. The Heeftee's tend to be a little on the chubby side, and it is very hard for them to lose weight. The Heeftee's also usually do the opposite of what you tell them to do. For example; if you tell them to STOP touching their eye, they usually CONTINUE to touch their eye, rather than stop. Their complexion is also a little on the pinkish side, but remember he won't tell you that because he denies everything. However, surprisingly, The Heeftee's are very good at video games that involve dancing, like Just Dance & Just Dance 2. The Heeftee's are usually very random at times and say the dumbest things, but that's what makes him a Heeftee!
I told The Heeftee to go lose some weight; instead he went to a brain surgeon and removed his brain.

The Heeftee was found in Guatemala hibernating with all the rest of his kind, IN THE SUMMER.

The Heeftee denied that he had non-eyebrows.

rare, species, Heeftee, the, The Heeftee, Guatemala, country, eyebrows, deny, opposite, peanut, summer, hibernate
by JCamp49er April 21, 2011

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