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The Hearse Driver, real name Lazarus S. Constantine, he is a 26 year old Photographer/writer who drives a hearse. However, Lazarus is more known for his online persona. Lazarus is one of the four founders of "The Demon Knights", a group that is rather known with in the Transformer fandom. Laz is, at times the silent one, but at other times he's the wild one right in the front. He is always thinking, and figuring out the way around any wall they may come acrossed. Most would say he vollies between smart, funny, and totally insane, just part of the Puzzle of the man called Lazarus.

Also, he perfers to be called Laz, Big Laz C, L.S.C or just about anything but Lazarus..
Did you hear about that guy called The Hearse Driver?
by Take a Guess September 04, 2003
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