A group of towns on the eastern tip of Long Island. These towns are- South Hampton, Watermill, Sagaponack, East Hampton, Bridge Hampton. Amagansett, Springs, Sag Harbor, Montauk, West Hampton, Wainscott, and Hampton Bays are hamlets in the hamptons, and to some are considered part of the hamptons. Its boring in the winter, but in the summer it gets over run by cidiots. Its a beautiful place to live, and not everyone is rich. Most people living in the hamptons are middle class.
Tina: Im vacationing in The Hamptons this summer!!
Lana: Lucky its so nice out there!!!

Example 2.
Fred: Where do you live?
Tim: In East Hampton
Fred: Dude you must be LOADED!!!
Tim: Not really...
by MEXNYBC May 03, 2010
Top Definition
An awesome place to live and grow up as a local. We are not all rich.... most of us locals are middle class people just like everyone else.

We don't appreciate celebrities and cidiots ruining our summers by jamming up Sunrise with their ridiculously over-priced pieces of plastic they call cars. We also don't like serving pieces of shit from Manhattan that think they're better than us because they are in OUR hometown for the summer.
Person #1: "You're from the Hamptons??? You must be RICH!!!"

Local: "Actually I work my ass off to afford the things I have just like everyone else."

Don't take Sunrise during the following: Memorial Day/ Independence Day / The Hampton Classic / Any movie primeres
by Local Lady October 02, 2004
A place on Eastern Long Island where alot of rich people live. The Hamptons inculde: East Hampton, Westhampton, Southampton and Hampton Bays. Usually every celebrity has a house in the Hamptons and visits there in the summer time.
Let's go out to the Hamptons!
by Cyber Ghost March 21, 2004
A place on LI where not too many rich people actually live all year around the only actually rich people that live there come out from the city and are idiots ( cidiots ). It's made up of Westhampton, Quogue, East Quouge ( It kinda skips over hamptons bays cuz hampton bays is mad ghetto ) Watermill Southampton Wainscott Bridgehampton and Easthampton.
Cidiot - This weekend me and my other polo-wearing friends are going to spend our weekend in my beach house in the hamptons.

Local- Damn these cidiots taking over the hamptons.
by Natasha(local) August 24, 2004
a few towns grouped together on Long Island, in New York. Hamptonites call NYC-ers cidiots, NYC-ers call Hamptonites lidiots, any third party calls them both retards for being such unfriendly pricks to each other and everyone else.
alright, the Hamptons, so you've got Kelly Ripa. do the rest of us a favor and keep her there
by JBo July 12, 2005

Year round it's mostly made up of middle class families just trying to get by. In the summer, cidiots (city idiots) or tourons (tourist morons) come out and cause extreme traffic and be generally stupid. In the winter, the Hamptons are pretty quiet (although Bridgehampton and Easthampton get very ghetto).
Cidiot: Oh my Gawd, i'm going to ride my new pony, Sir Edgar LeJonesy, in the Hamptons this weekend.

Local: There is absolutely NOTHING to do here...
by BHgirl June 05, 2011
A financially balanced area on eastern Long Island, although it does have more than its fair share of affluent people. If you want to visit a place with hardly as many "cidiots", "lidiots", or any other kind of idiot, try coming to the North Fork of Long Island (AKA jamesport, mattituck, cutchogue, southold, Greenport, and orient point). It's just as beautiful, hardly as expensive, and about half as busy in summer months.
Lori: "James and I decided to mix it up this year and rent a house in greenport, on the north fork." Peggy: "Isn't it all farms and vineyards up there? Yeah, not my thing, i'll stick to the hamptons." Lori: "Not entirely, there are a bunch of wonderful small towns and a lot of down to earth people."
by Cristobal90 December 28, 2011
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