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This when we all know a guy wants to show out for a girl. flexing that am muscle and say's, "Welcome to he Gunn show baby."
B: Yo' Kou you wanna see these Gunn's?

K: You 'd better keep that arm rested for the game this weekend against the Ware green smart arse.

B: (sitting with his ear phones around his neck in Fuller's class by the window with Justin and Charlie)

I've got to go tell fuller about line in Karowack I picked up. (Jumps off the counter and walks away)
Charlie: Kou, you know his gunns impress the lady's.
K: Let him get it out of his system. He knows he's a hottie.
J: Kou, you should tell him you want to go to the prom with him.
K: No way dude, we're good friends and in muti-media and classes together every day, it would get weird. Besides he goes for super model type figures and I only have the brains in this class.
J: Chicken, brown chicken brown cow.
K: Shut up man. I'll give you a taint tap.
C: You wouldn't and you know it.
B: What are you guys talking about?
K: (looks at Charlie and Justin sternly and they keep a lid on it for her) Nothing B. What did Fuller say?
B: That I have impressive Gunns
K: Sweet lord man, not that impressive. (While blushing)
B: Yes they are, It's the The Gunn Show kel.
K: Whatever silly, I've gotta go to the media room to dubb some tape from last weekends game and the rally or I'll be late for practice and I have to work tonight too. I'll see you at the Quabon or the bon fire. Later guys.
by KouCelKey2crushesandgunns February 09, 2010
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