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When you buy an article of clothing that, at the time, you "must have" and then end up hanging it up in your closet with the tags still on it and never wearing it. This then results in whenever you look in your closet you feel guilty when you spot that piece of clothing, but yet you still don't want to wear it. One may feel guilt for a number of reasons anything from feeling as if you wasted your money on something you never wear to feeling like you have so much clothes and yet still feel like there is nothing to wear!
Mom-Honey, get dressed it is almost time for school.
Daughter-Mom I can't...
Mom-Look, it isn't that hard all you gotta do is open up you closet door and-
Daughter-No I really CAN'T!
Mom-Why not!?
Daughter-Because...I have the guilt is in the closet syndrome.
Mom-Ooh...I knew you'd never wear that shirt!
by nothing to wear September 22, 2009
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