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The Great leader of the Chipless Wild Hobos Club which operated inside mill basin day camp from 2004-2009 and outside mill basin day camp from 1999-2011 was one of the greatest fascist leaders of all time besides Hitler and Stalin (Was Stalin a Fascist?). His code name, Mike, became popular around the camp. With him as leader of the Hobos, a fascist party was set up due to the population control issues. He dismembered anybody not loyal to head office which was him and The predecessor whom later disbanded and made the Great Nation of Wazoo. He left the Mill basin operation in 2007 leaving the predecessor as leader. After the departure The predecessor set up a democratic state and the ice ages, alien invasions and the threat of extradition by The Bald One ended. But the kegging and bootlegging remained. He was an amazing Guitar player and wrote every metallica album while in Mill Basin but was never credited because he was born years later
The Great One of Mill Basin Day Camp. Wasn't he a Nazi. No he was a fascist. A fascist is a Nazi . Your wrong he was a Hobo
by The predecessor April 22, 2011
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