the big JC and his blast beats that rain down into the gates of hell. its a very scary and loud place located near the junction in middletown,nj. its nothing but sweat, catpiss, blast beats, and random jizz stains all of the bed. many scene bitches hang out here.
" dude its about to jim chesek out.."

"yeah The Gates of Hell man"
by icing on that cupcake July 24, 2009
Top Definition
The Gates of Hell is male chastity devise.

It is 3-7 rings from 2" diameter, down to 1" diameter.
The steel rings are connected by a 1/2" leather strap
It limits an erect penis to a confined space, making it extremely difficult to ejaculate.
The Gates of Hell is male chastity devise.

Bob wore "the Gates of Hell" to pleasure his woman.
by stargeneral61 April 27, 2010
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