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The gargling emu is a very complicated sexual maneuver. You need a bottle of windex, a sexual partner of the female gender, and a car. First you began ramming your partner in the vagina, then after lubricating it with your semen, you stick the head of the windex bottle into her cooter, and begin to squirt repeatedly. Then take one of her used tampons and proceed to eat it, after consumption, you will feel queasy, immediately lay your partner down on the driveway and run her over with your car, get out, and throw up on her, she will most likely be dead/unconcious. Then, go to the local Dairy Queen, eat a meal and after that, go to Wal-Mart and buy laxatives. Go to wear her body is, realease your squirty bowels all over her. Then if she is still alive, make her dinner, without taking a shower first.
Jeff: Karen, would you be delighted if I performed The Gargling Emu on you?
Karen: Jeff, that's all I ever wanted.
Jeff: Good, I ate 13 Chili-cheese-dogs.
Karen: Great! I'll get prepared for a real winner of a night!
by aKidnappedFetus July 26, 2010
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