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The Game, as in the one you just lost, in its physical form taking the shape of a dolphin. Its default form is a floating steel text saying "THE GAME" about 4'x8' in size. However, a dolphin seems to be its favorite form. Notable characteristics are two dorsal fins and the words "The Game" on its left side translated into whatever the reader's native language may be. It's only natural enemy is the security guard narwhal.

The Game Dolphin is a legend and has yet to be found, however there is a large group of people constantly searching called L.O.S.E., which has yet to be decided what exactly it will stand for. This group is always open to the public, welcomes new members, and shuns non believers.
dude, you wanna help us find the game dolphin?" "yeah! i cant believe we haven't found it yet!
by L.O.S.E. Members October 23, 2010
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