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When a girl puts a funnel in her mouth and a group of men, all ejaculate into the funnel, getting most of the jizz into funnel but some on her face.
Blake - "Dude, me and my friends, did The Funnel Cake onto this one chick, Chaya, last night."

Trevor - "How was it man?"

Blake - "Good, but she choked a little bit."

David - "I think they killed her."
by Sydney Carton May 24, 2008
When two mexicans are going at it. And the guy's grandfather walks in and gets so turned on by the sight that the last of his cum(which is old and powdery) shoots all over them. In result. you see what looks like a funnel cake.
"ayyyy holmmeeesss! me and my girl got funnel caked last night. it was cochinoooo ehhhh"

The Funnel Cake... dun dun dun DUNNNNNN!

by yayayammmmmmmmmmhmmmmmm November 10, 2008
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