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In an argument between two or more parties, at any time one party may invoke the Fry Affirmation. That is to say if that person can find any documented evidence that Stephen Fry broadly agrees with their stance on the matter, then said person automatically wins the argument.

Please note the Fry Affirmation applies to documented evidence only. If you happen to have Stephen Fry to hand during an argument please see Fry Arbitration, The for more information.
Maisy: Can you action this for me please?

John: Sure... If you can ask me again without brutalising my ears with your ugly noun/verbage. I don't see why in the 20th Cen... What... What are you doing?

Maisy: I'm searching for a video that I think may interest you.

John: Oh... Wait a minute. Are you about to invoke the Fry Affirmation? Because I'm...

Maisy: Here we go... To paraphrase: Mr Stephen Fry thinks we should relax about the ever evolving use of language and he specifically references the acceptability of nouns used as verbs.

John: I'm sorry - You were right. If you need me I will be actioning that task you gave me.
by axolotl5 October 09, 2011
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