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Pronunciation fer-bid-n, fawr-
froot nol-ij

Most abruptly put, Marijuana. But this is the most dankest shit known to man, the F-F-O-K has only been grown by one man. This gent of sorts rolled with his G's about 2,000 years ago. Jesus, is the only man known to have known the proper growing patterns of this Sick Nasty Cannabis Herb and the secret went with his passing.

-Yea, man?

-Remember when jarred said he smoked the ffok?

-what the fuck is that shit?

-oh it's fuckin the dankest mutha fuckin shit known to man!

-the what?

-fuckin The Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge, SALT-PEPPAH-KETCHUP BYYYITCH!
by Mtaylor1057 March 27, 2009

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