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the flash drive of win in essence is about a four gigabyte flash drive that any member of society may carry. the contents of this drive may include the following

1. photography
2. videos
3. anything that contains win
the debate reaches a point when one tries to constitute what is "Win" or " Full of Win" that can be placed in said flash drive. However usually the Flash Drive of Win can contain things that are said to be Awesome, or Epic
1. Logan: " Man did you see the Flash drive of Win Bob had? it had the best music on it!"
Justin: " yes, and it was truly something to be proud of"

2. Sean: " The Flash Drive of win, Offspring of the folder of win, grandson to the internet."

3. Ryan: " did you see Jamal's flash drive of win? it had every single cheerleader ever on it "

Markus " No I didn't I have to go see what Jamal is up to now."

4. John: " I just saw Mario's flash drive of win... it was so good, I feel like building a statue of the many wonderful things that were on it."
#epic #win #fail #lol #awesome #flash #drive #japan #wonderful #chuck #norris #money
by The Man who is known as Ruckus February 23, 2010
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