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The Five Pillars of Adolescence must be achieved only when the individual is the teen age from 13 - 17. If one fails to achieve the Five Pillars of Adolescence before turning into and adult at the age of 18 then one's childhood memories shall haunt the individual.

Pillar 1: Social Networking
Pillar 2: Parties
Pillar 3: Relationships
Pillar 4: Smoking, drugs and alcohol
Pillar 5: Sex
The Five Pillars of Adolescence example...

"John is going to become an adult, he is turning 18 soon and until now he has failed to achieve any of the Five Pillars of Adolescence therefore he shall live the rest of his life in regret, stress and flashbacks from his childhood. The Five Pillars must be achieved whatever ethnicity, race or beliefs you are. They are not optional, but they are compulsory for that certain age group, fail and you will have a bad future."
by The Professional Killers November 02, 2011
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