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A great game for girls at sleepovers! It is and adaption of The Muffin Game that allows girls to have some fun too. It is played by having a muffin placed on the floor and players kneel around it. It is played by the girls using the muffin as a dildo and the last one to stick the muffin inside must eat the ENTIRE muffin. (This game can be played with girls and guys if the players wish. If i guy is the last to ejaculate on the muffin he must eat it, but if he is last and a girl has not put it in yet, she must eat it.) Both are great fun for sleepovers and parties.
"Hey Miranda! Come play the muffin game with me and Steph!"
"I thought only guys can play that Emmathy."
"Nope, there's a female version called The Female Muffin Game. I'm a pro."
"Maybe we can do a mix and Ryan and Jorge can ... cum ... too! Hahaha"
"Why not?!"
Cool I'll go get them!"
by Glitter Child March 11, 2013
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