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The Ecchi Effect, or "Beals' Law" states that for any given Google image search, provided safe-search is off, there is a high probability of at least one example of ecchi/hentai material included in the search results, no matter the obscurity of the terms searched for.

This effect has been attributed variously to the following factors:

1: The ubiquity of such material on the intarwebz, especially in bulletin board posts that devolve into chan sessions.

2: The fact that deep down you really wanted to search for "pre-teen anime panty shots", but didn't have the honesty to do so. Google knows better. Don't try to fool Google.

The Ecchi Effect can also be regarded as a consequence of Rule 34.
Person 1: "WTF!? Why did I get softcore porn images when searching for 'Cam Windows' on Google Image Search?"

Person 2: "It's the Ecchi Effect, man. You asked for it anyway, you've got safe-search off, don't try to pretend you don't want to 'accidentally' look at naked cartoons."
by itsalljustaride October 08, 2010