Giving head to two guys at the same time and then vomiting when both penis' ejaculate simultaneously and the ejaculate hits the uvula. This then causes one to vomit all over both erect penis'. Optional: If one is up for the challenge they can do all of this while playing Dance Dance Revolution and Forecasting future cash flows. Also known as the Double Dick Ralph!!
Jason Atwd: Did Dave Rob work on his accounting homework last night?

Patrick Zallrman: I dont think so, I am pretty sure he was busy with some dudes.

Dave Rob: FUCK YA Suckin' Dick at the same time. I DDR'd those FUCKERS!!!!

Jason Atwd and Patrick Zallrman: You got any homework tonight. If not, you wanna head on over and play some DDR with us?!?!

Mike Fullsome: Are you guys talking about The Dirty Dave Rob AKA The DDR?
by Mike Fullsome November 13, 2007
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