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A Rochester, NY term for a woman simulataneously taking 3 men, one in her mouth and one in each hand. She bobs her head vigorously and flaps her arms up and down with the two dudes in her hands creating a "birdlike effect" hence the term DIRTY BIRD.
"Yo, you, me and Herbie should get that chick to give us the dirty bird. I got mouth"
by Harold R. Johnson September 06, 2006
KFC (formally known as Kentucky Fried Chicken).
The dirty bird sounded like a good idea at the time, but after eating there I feel ashamed.
by Jmae September 15, 2008
At first you meet him in a chat room, and you think he's a 30 yr old pedo. But then you end up randomly dancing together, and you find out he's awesome. He silly, and immature, and fun to talk about funny random shit with. But DON'T get him wrong. When it comes down to real shit, he's right there, and is very smart and understanding. He has a unique view on life that not many have, and can easily understand theories on life. He's def one of those people you can just sit down with and talk about the world. And that's always awesome to have. Never under estimate him, that would be your loss. He's super funny, and makes you feel better when you talk to him. He's super sweet and caring, and such a good guy. He's one of the best friends someone can have. You know that he'll always have your back, so feel safe. If shit ever goes down, he'll be right there backin you up. Good times and bad times. Bird <3
"Who is thedirtybird??" "Bird is fucking awesome" xD
by forrealtrick June 25, 2010
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