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A small group of roughly ten members that meets regularly on Friday evenings around a heaping platter of steak, chalupas, Diet Coke and Mentos, or any other notably manly dinner entree (usually prepared by a restaurant of some kind). Dinner locations are chosen prior to the meetings, and can range anywhere from Taco Bell to IHOP, depending on current funds and transportation availability.
Post-dinner, members will take anywhere from five to ten minutes within the parking lot discussing what type of shenanigans will ensue. Activities amongst members include (but are not limited to) hedgediving, octopus-hot-sauce-tomfoolery, moving benches, replacing desktop wallpapers, football, launching frozen rice, Scattegories, shopping cart races, nature walks, jumping on poo covered trampolines, lawl-she's-so-hot conversations, munging, munging with teachers, mung offs, Nintendo DS battles, kitten huffing, Tenacious D lipsinkage, defecating on grills, cutting ourselves (on gravel), wenis yanking, kidney poking, going richter, consuming Boss Sauce, loitering, breaking curfew, making horrible Wii puns, street racing, holding indepth discussions about topics that don't have much depth, Slim Jimming, walking down memory lane, glass bottle basketball, loving Little Girls, and anomously cybering with said girls (and by "said girls" we mean "a medieval Knight").

See awesome.
Also see batshit crazy.
Thirdly, see safety.
Finally, if you are not currently a member of TDC, please see gtfo.
by The Dinner Club February 26, 2007
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