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The Cove is where local Houstonian teenagers congregate to on Friday and Saturday nights. It is the dark area behind the Whataburger on San Felipe with open parking where teens come to mix alcoholic beverages and smoke varies kinds of herbs to alternate there state of mind. It is a general central point for everyone before they go a party and get completely wasted.
GUY1: Well the party doesn't start for another hour..
GUY2: We can swing by The Cove to see who's there and smoke a joint.
GUY1: Good idea, everyone's always at The Cove!
by houstonteen July 10, 2010
The Elite and exclusive place to stay in the Atlantis Bahamas Resort. All the rooms are suites, have ocean views, and are extremely plush. Many celebrities can be spotted vacationing at the Cove.
I might fly my main bitch to the cove for 3 or 4 nights.
by DtownG5588 July 19, 2010
The most comfortable room in the world, belonging to Bunny Fowler. Inside are the following: black silk sheets, numerous polaroids, soft fuzzy carpets, yummy bunny smell, a Kanga, a Kelly Dreads, and tons o' fun. You will never ever be sad while inside The Cove. Secrets and love whispers fly freely and openly, and clothing is not required or preffered.
"Man, I'm feeling kindof blue today."
"Well, hey! Let's just go to The Cove!"
by kelly.dreads March 04, 2010
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