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A fictional religion (a loose parody the Catholic Church) for the actress Megan Prescott, who is currently playing Katie Fitch in the British TV show Skins.

Originally, the "religion" began when Meg declared in an interview that incest was "illegal." Because of that, when talk of Katie/Emily (who are twin sisters in the show) occurred, someone would point out that Meg would not approve, because incest is "illegal."

It became a rather popular thing to say amongst Skins fans (especially fans on Livejournal) and thus has evolved into a bigger joke, with fans even creating an intensive guide for the "religion."
01. The Church of Meg accepts all peoples, so long as they love Meg and her followers in kind, for She is great.

02. "So, says the Lord Meg, that those who oppose and do not believe in the word of Meg are punishable of stonem-ing, a religious condemnation that comes from being hit with a rock, loser."
by majesdane April 02, 2009
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