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The lamest superhero of all time. He possesses the powers of the chode. He can only make his opponents somewhat sweaty with prolonged exposure to his "chode ray". He is known to make change for people at bus stops and save retarded kittens from trees when the fire department is too busy eating chili and such. He has been stabbed 17 times.
Citizen: "I'm being robbed, help!"

The Chodesman: "Have no fear, The Chodesman is here!"

Citizen: "Oh, it's The Chodesman." "Can you go find a parking enforcement officer or a small boy scout to help me Chodesman?"

The Chodesman: "I will help you citizen, unhand her you fiendish fiend!"

Robber: "I fear you not Chodesman." (Casually stabs The Chodesman in the kidney, robs and rapes woman, leaves)
by Meatspin Mike October 07, 2011
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