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a very scary look that women of a certain age give their children when they have said something inappropriate, or have done something naughty. when her chin is fully extended outward and the face crinkles into a mean, scary expression, you have just gotten the chin
Child: you look fugly in that dress.

Woman of a certain age: (sticks out chin and crinkles face, and holds that look until child pees their pants and/or cries.)

Child: NO!! not the chin
by A victim of 'the chin' February 05, 2010

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A girl with a Chin so massive scientists in California recently declared it the worlds seventh wonder.
A Chin so large it pertrudes out 3ft farther than structuraly possible. A chin so large it pulls the moon out of orbit and makes plastic surgeons cringe. One can usually spot (a) Chin by listening for its chin mating call.

//Warning// the chin may try to gain eye contact, this is extremely dangerous and may cause retinal damage.
The crimson chin, Chincinaty, Chin-chila, The Amazing Cleff

"I'm Blonde, Chin Blonde"

"You talkin' to me?.......Chin"

"Awww man, did you see the chin, its worse than a mexican abortion"
by Cark Mlark April 05, 2010