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The phenomena surrounding the 2007 through 2010 (RIP Infinity Ward) video games belonging to the Call of Duty franchise in which a player can be "raping ass", as players claim, in one particular game, but in the very next game, they themselves get sodomized from substantial cockiness during the latter game and end up with a shitty score and a sore coccyx.
Chad: Yo, I was totally "raping ass" in that game of Search on Crash, bro.

Jason: Yo, sick. What was your KDR the match after that one?

Chad: Yo, I got bro-raped and ended up with 2 kills and 35 deaths, bro.

Jason: Dawg, that's just the Call of Duty Effect, no sweat. Go hit up some Pabst Blue Ribbon and we'll get that KDR up.
by ChabsSucks July 21, 2010

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