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The cake is not a lie.....

This is the less commonly heard anti-phrase, of the

popular " the cake is a lie"

suggesting that the said thing is true, or factual.

The "cake is not a lie" can also refer to the realasing of the

game "portal 2" which has not happened yet.
Man: 2012 is the end!

smarter man: the cake is a lie!

smarter smarter man: the cake is not a lie, the cake is delicious.

Man: Wtf?
by thecake'snotalie May 09, 2010
Used as a rebuttal to anyone, usually a 4chan frequenter, who says "the cake is a lie." It is usually said by someone that has actually completed the game "Portal" in which, upon completion, one sees a cutscene showing that the cake is, in fact, not a lie.
4chan troll: "TEH CAEK IZ A LIE!"
Tyrone: "Excuse me good sir, I've completed 'Portal' and let me tell you, the cake is not a lie."
by BassMZero January 15, 2011
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