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A group of MEN. Rightfully named for the sex which actually contains a brain. Members must have names of royalty. Known for there excellent problem solving techniques over a cold buhr or 2.

Term rightfully originates from the show Scrubs
Commodore! Chancellor! Duke! assemble The Baron and The Count, to complete The Brain Trust. We have to have a meeting to discuss recent events.

Fine Crew! should we induct a new member to The Brain Trust, named Nancy Boy? We shall discuss the pros and cons over some frosty cool brews.

by Ryan and Jeremy September 29, 2007
A collective group of people, usually female, who believe they know everything and cannot learn anything from anyone else. Their decisions are routinely rife with bullshit and almost always based on incorrect assumptions and inuendo.

They are ALWAYS right and ALWAYS have to go to another source, frequently a male in their sphere of influence, to bail them out once they Fuck Up!!!!
"Paige/NaNa": "I am telling you, I know what I am talking about!"

"April/Heather": "I agree!!"

<wrong occurence, money blown, accident happens>

Trey to Eric: "The fucking Brain Trust is at it again!" "Watch, here comes the phone call."

<phone rings>

Trey/Eric: "Hello."

Brain Trust: "Can you help me?" "Remember when we were talking the other day?" "Well, how do I bail someone out of Jail?"

T&E sigh.........
by T&E August 16, 2005
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