When having anal sex, the area where the penis hits, and it hurts, but feels so good at the same time.
The sex was so good, I think he broke my bowl. The Bowl is very hearty though, I'll be ready again tomorrow.
by Bob Bowl October 26, 2007
Top Definition
A steep hill approximately halfway through the high school cross-country course at Holmdel Park in Holmdel, NJ.
The Bowl is so damn hard, but at least it's all downhill from there.
by Daniel M August 31, 2005
Maplewood Lanes.
I got kicked out of the bowl 4 lying about my age. True story!!!!
A sexual act occuring in or near a toilet bowl. The male party of the sexual couple does the female in a standing dog directly above the toilet bowl. When he is about to ejaculate he shoves the female's head into the toilet bowl, flushes the toilet, and then ejaculates on the unsuspecting, toilet-flushed face of the female.
Man, i gave that bitch the bowl.
by Buttmaster April 01, 2003
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