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A fictional "family" comprised of low-life pot smokers with nothing better to do than smoke pot and create a fictional "family"- based on the notion that their actual family members look down and frown upon these teenagers, this shows nothing more than an act of rebellion against their parental figures, and really sticks it to the man!
-"Hey girl, what you doin today?!"
-"Nothin' much boy, just gonna suck some more penis that I get so much of from Union Square and chill with that awesome Bleezington bunch!"
-"ey'Alrighto! Sounds swell, Sally! Would you like to suck my penis and smoke some pot?"
-"Gee whiz, I sure would Mr. Bleezington!"
-"Awwright! The Bleezingtons are super!
by Dr. Egon Spengler February 17, 2010
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