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The Table around which The Sociopathic CEO's, SVP's, VP's
with their JD's, CPA's, MBA's, and 4.0GPA's sit for their morning meeting to discuss how to Screw their Customers/Clients out of their money without having to do anything to earn it.
The Big Round Table where high level meetings are held at any large firm especially but not exclusively The Legal, Financial/Banking Companys.

Brewery Co. Meeting: VP says "Hey Guys if We add a gallon of water to every barrel of beer We could increase production 3% Nobody would be the wiser."

Bank CEO: I have an idea "If We tell customers what a great idea it would be to help them save by moving a dollar from savings to checking everytime they use the ATM they will think We are doing them a favor. Reality is it will make the checking account almost impossible to ballance so we can get those overdraft fees up."
by Jotojoe March 19, 2013