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The Big Dick of Justice is given to those who have been wronged or denied justice while in the work force. The Big Dick of Justice or BDOJ for short, is as big as it needs to be. The head is hard and callused so when he bottoms out the receiver feels like they have been fucked by a freight train. The vein is sharp and cuts as it enters. The BDOJ has a felony wrap sheet longer than its shaft and used to be on the wrong side of the law but now its fights for righteousness. With the Glare of Clint Eastwood, the attitude of Charlton Heston and the swagger of Burt Reynolds the BDOJ is a force to be hold. He has a tattoo on the underside that reads "Pain" and more chest hair than Tom Selleck from Magnum PI. His mustache hides whats left of a large scar he got from taking down two Mexican drug cartels and impregnating their mothers.
"We all got dragged to this meeting that didn't even concern us! Im going to wield the BDOJ like Liono! and get justice from this bullshit job!"
"Its because of that department that our jobs are harder then they should be. Im sure if The Big Dick of Justice heard about this they would all get fucked!"
by Remote Troll August 19, 2011
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