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The Beatles Fallacy is the hegemonic misconception among hack musicologists that the British Rock band The Beatles were "revolutionary" or "groundbreaking" in the history of music, ignoring earlier rock and roll, garage, and politically relevant songwriting; the Beatles are mistakenly assumed to have invented or been the "most influential" in the myriad styles they performed, despite the existence of contemporaries like The Rolling Stones, The Sonics, etc., and the pre-existence of like way harder albums than Revolver.

NOTE: The Beatles Fallacy is related to the misconception that Rock and Roll prior to 1960 was all hokey crap, and is the bastard stepchild of the Elvis Hypothesis, crediting "The King" with the invention of Rock and Roll, thereby ignoring shit black people had been doing for like 10 years.
The Beatles are obviously the most influential rock band of all time," said Adam the music hack, espousing The Beatles Fallacy.
by thenewhipstocracy September 16, 2010
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