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- Where we're trying to get all 'Teh Interweb Shit Talking Clannies to meet us, so that we can all have a nice, long 'talk', face to face, about all the childish bullshit that's forever going on.

- Where the real life 'Sharks' and the 'Jets' have a 'rumble'.

- Where we'll all sit and eat our fries, after we're done dealing with all the trouble makers who are currently too afraid to step up to the plate and take responsibility for their actions.

Step away from the keyboard, and step up to the plate! See shut up and bring it, clannie, the clan, the queen, minion, lemming.
LiveJournal Entry: "I hate (inset name). I'm going to just keep using this journal as a way to fuck with them."
Comment to Entry: "Listen. Quit this hiding behind teh interweb shite. Shut up and BRING IT to The BK Parking Lot. 7pm. We'll all be waiting with bells on, and fries in hand."
by Bring the Baseball Bat December 06, 2004
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