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1. When your friend who works at Burger King hooks you and all your buddies up with some 5 star eating with a 50% discount.

2. An armada of chicken fingers and fries loaded onto a trey coming at you faster than you can say "Have it your way". All for 50% off.

3. A sexual term for when a man dresses up in a King costume and is about to perform anal sex on a woman but instead shoves a trey full of french fries and chicken fingers into her ass hole.
Tyler: Yo Zack, The BK Hook-Up was awesome yesterday!

Zack: Yea, that was sick.

Tyler: Good thing Kyle got that 50% discount or that never would have happened.

Zack: Yea dude... want to suck on my penis...

Tyler: No
by -TJ ill DX- September 15, 2008

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